Tamotec Seat Example

The Tamo product family convinces through the simple, functional and intuitive design.

GPS or live announcement ➔ the choice is yours

TM601 Multilingual Audio System

Tamotec TM601 Green
Tamotec TM601 Black
Tamotec TM601 Red
Tamotec TM601 Blue

Choose the 601 series to offer your guests the simplest form of channel-based multi-language systems. You can order almost any color from us. We also have sample printing on our own model in our planning. Just talk to us if you are interested. Up to 16 different languages ​​are possible. Either with GPS trigger or with live announcement.

A wireless microphone is available for your live announcement.
You can decide for yourself if the announcements are only on channel 1 and 2, or on all channels, as soon as you make an announcement.

Tamotec Wireless Microphone

You need a more extensive system?

TM9xx Multilingual Entertainment System

Tamotec Enterteinmaent System TM901


Tamotec Enterteinmaent System TM907


Tamotec Enterteinmaent System TM910


The 9xx series offers you more options than the 601 series. Equipped with movies, music, shopping, games and surveys, you can enhance the journey for your guests. Surely you already know the system from aircraft. We also offer such systems for buses, boats and trains. Decide now for our premium variant to offer your guests the best possible experience.

We also have the right solution for mobile use!

TM604x Wireless System

The 604 series convinces above all by the mobile application possibilities. It offers you the same features as the entertainment system, but is more handy and wireless.

Tamotec Wlan Router
Tamotec Handheld TM604C


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